Sector: Transporte

Sectors: Transporte


Our attorneys have extensive experience in Transportation and Logistics including:

  • National and international land transport
  • Rail transport and infrastructure
  • Logistics and advice of auxiliary transport services (freight forwarders, consignees, warehouses, etc.)
  • Financing and leasing of vehicles and fleets
  • Insurance and claims processing
  • Mergers and acquisitions, Joint ventures and association agreements
  • Dispute resolution
  • Agreements for the provision of logistic and commercial services
  • Study and drafting of sanction procedures from all transport infractions.
  • Legal defense in contentious phase of sanctioning proceedings in the matter of land transport.
  • Advice on land transport, among other matters in relation to: reading discs and digital impressions, transport of dangerous goods, rest and driving times, tachographs and speed limiters and driving by two drivers.