Sector: Private high net wealth

Sectors: Private high net wealth


We have extensive experience in advising Private high net wealth, in collaboration with international financial entities, in the combination of the patrimonial protection-profitability binomial and in advising on the generational succession in the transmission of financial assets. Specific:

  • Acting in a coordinated manner with entities, financial advisors, family offices, private equity, seeking to cover their needs.
  • Analyzing the most appropriate corporate vehicles at any given time according to the needs of the client, taking into account, particularly the applicable taxation, both in the generation of income as well as in the generational succession of the same, all providing solutions.
  • Providing the experience gained both in the domestic environment and in the international arena, thanks to the collaboration of expert law firms in different jurisdictions.
  • Preserving the heritage and ensuring the generational succession of them with the greatest efficiency.
  • We recommend to our private client in the international field, without commitment or any connection with them, the most suitable financial entities and service firms. Naturally, with total independence, objectivity and always under the sole and exclusive optics of protecting the interests of our client.
  • We advise our clients in the most appropriate financial and business instruments, both from its constitution and during its maintenance and subsequent disinvestment, should the case arise.
  • We advise on legal issues of various kinds related to private equity.
  • We actively participate in the resolution of all types of judicial conflicts that arise in the bosom of our clients, linked to the constitution, management, administration, distribution of results and transfer of family assets, seeking to unite, settle and secure the interests and will of its owners.