Sector: Mining Sector

Sectors: Mining Sector


ProLaw has more than twenty years of experience in the continuous advising of national and multinational companies whose main activity is mining and related activities, with a clear vocation for the integral provision of our services in all the branches of the Law that concern the mining activity. (administrative, fiscal, subsidiary, environmental, in addition to the mercantile, in what refers to the sale of companies and mining assets).
Among the main services we regularly provide are:

  • The legal management in administrative, contentious-administrative, criminal and civil proceedings related to mining, environmental and land-planning issues.
  • The preparation of legal audits regarding transfer and transfer operations of mining rights and assets.
  • The integral legal advice regarding the obligations derived from concessions in the Law of Mines and its Regulation.
  • The supervision, control and maintenance of the good legal status of mining concessions.
  • The elaboration of legal opinions and reports on any issue related to mining concessions and compliance with the Mining Law and its Regulation.
  • The processing of exploration and exploration permits, authorizations and exploitation concessions, authorizations for the transmission of mining rights, environmental impact assessments, etc.
  • The advice and planning in operations of merger, acquisition and restructuring of groups of companies whose main activity is mining.
  • Tax planning in the sale and transfer of companies and assets related to the Mining Sector, as well as companies and groups of companies with non-majority participation or interests in the mining business.
  • The design of the legal-economic strategy in operations for the transfer of mining rights and the sale and purchase of mining assets, with comprehensive advice in the negotiation, drafting and signing of the corresponding contractual documents.