Irene Arén García


Irene Arén García

Irene Arén García is an accounting / tax advisor, and performs her duties in the financial-accounting department of Asap Corporate.
Before joining ProLaw, he worked at the CSP Lawyers consultancy, where he was in the accounting department as an accounting technician.
His professional practice has focused on the accounting area, performing:

  • Process the accounting of SMEs and Large Companies
  • Accounting and tax review of processed companies

In the Administration area:

  • Billing
  • Daily review of bank accounts
  • Collection from clients and payments to suppliers
  • Monthly Debtor Reports
  • Default management
  • Dialogue with banks and public administrations


  • Accounting SMEs and Large Companies
  • Billing


  • Superior Technician in Development of Multiplatform Computer Applications.


  • Spanish
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Irene Arén García
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Tel.: +34 917342900