Sector: Family businesses

Sectors: Family businesses


Our experience in legal and tax advice to large fortunes is directly linked to Family businesses, although not all converge in both cases. The experience accumulated by some of our lawyers, with more than 20 years of legal and tax advice to Family businesses, both forming part of the management bodies of industrial companies with a clear family component and advising their partners, integrated under what eventually it is known as the "Family Business" allows us to offer a wide range of services related to them:

  • Advice on the constitution, administration and management of Family businesses, including the drafting of the bylaws, partner agreements and family protocols that ensure both the survival of Family businesses and generational succession and mechanisms to resolve differences among its members could arise
  • Design and tax planning of the most appropriate corporate structures for each client, trying to optimize both the income generated and its distribution to members.
  • Tax and legal planning for the purposes of inheritance and gift taxes and estate tax.
  • Constitution of ad hoc corporate vehicles, such as holding companies, Foundations and other types of entities, with or without legal personality.
  • Advice on the reorganization of family groups through business restructuring operations.
  • Advice on inheritance matters, drafting of wills and processing of testamentary processes.
  • Advice in consulting of Family businesses, participating in the decision making for the professionalization of the same ones and help to the internationalization of the same.