Sector: Defense, Security and Aerospace

Sectors: Defense, Security and Aerospace


ProLaw is one of the few law firms in Spain with consolidated experience in advising the Defense, Security and Aerospace industry.
Our experience in this sector has a clear transversal orientation, including the different areas of law most present in these sectors:

  • Contractual commercial advice in mergers and acquisitions, joint venture agreements, establishment of investment or contracting vehicles (SPVs); teaming agreements to develop joint procurement strategies.
  • Internationalization of the Spanish defense company.
  • Advice to foreign investors in defense-related activities: prior authorization of investment in Spanish companies, legal framework of the defense activity - compliance -, due diligence processes for investors and financiers.
  • Regulatory advice: access to sectoral records (DGAM) and pre-contracting procedures in relation to confidentiality and information security, classification procedures to contract with the Spanish public sector, legislation on import and export of defense material and double use.
  • Preparation of resources against administrative contracting resolutions: against documents, acts of procedure or resolutions: administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
  • Administrative contracting: public bidding processes for defense programs, establishment of the most appropriate contracting vehicles (UTE, AIE, EEIG, joint ventures), negotiation of administrative contract documents, negotiation of the different subcontracts present in the supply chain and outsourcing of large defense programs.
  • Protection of intellectual property and know-how: review of contract terms and administrative clauses and preparation of clauses for the protection of know-how.
  • Contracts and schemes of public-private collaboration.